Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!!

Most men get their shave totally wrong well before they even pick their razor up!

The majority of men will tell me that they just don't have those extra 10 minutes in the morning to ensure the most comfortable and closest of shaves.

Trouble is if you spend those extra valuable 5 minutes preparing your skin before you shave you will be amazed to find out how you will start to enjoy shaving and maybe for the first time in your life!

Follow these 5 step rules and experience the difference.

1. Surface out of bed and grab yourself a cuppa first, allow your skin to wake up as well as your mind and body.
2. Step into the shower and ensure you close your bathroom door to allow all that steam from the shower to build up giving your room a moist atmosphere.
3. Once out of the shower do not dry your face. Run hot water into your basin and soak a flannel in there for approx 90 seconds.
4. Squeeze out excees water until damp but still very warm and apply to your face for approx 90 secs to 2 minutes, do not let the flannel go cold.
5. Massage your face with a good facial wash preferbly with a product that has ingredients of Tea Tree oil and Witch Hazel extracts.

Now you are ready to apply the next step!

I will reveal all in my next blog so keep watching...